Splitting Up Pre-Filled Syringe?

I live in Australia, so we are about 200 years behind the rest of the world when it comes to trt. I get Primoteston 250mg Testosterone Enanthate in pre filled 1ml glass syringes. It’s the only way it comes in Australia. Obviously I’m not going to inject the whole 250mg once a fortnight, in fact I’m wanting to inject 62.5mg twice a week. What would be the best way to do this?

I just tried drawing up .25ml into a new syringe but somehow only got three syringes worth instead of 4. I think as I swap the drawing up needles for new ones, when I throw them out it wastes some of the liquid. It’s also not easy to measure, as a lot of the liquid sits past the first measuring mark.

I figured I could draw up less in each syringe as some will get wasted but that’s not ideal, and I don’t know how much to draw.

Or I could draw it up for single syringe on each day of injection instead of splitting into 4 at once, this way I won’t need to swap needles, saving some of the liquid. I’m worried I’ll get to the last quarter and it will be too little.

Or I could back fill the syringes so none gets wasted? Again, hard to measure.

Anyone else have experience splitting up Primoteston pre filled syringes into 4 doses? What’s the best way?

It’s been a while and it was not Primoteston, but Primobolin (sp?) used to come in pre-loaded syringes, 18g and 2 inches. No way I was sticking myself with that nail. Pulled the plunger and drew it out with a 22g 1.5in syringe. You could do that, just keep everything sterile.

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Just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on this? I’m currently squirting .25ml into a new plastic syringe, injecting it, then putting the primoteston glass syringe in the fridge with rubber cap. This is not ideal as it is now exposed to potential bacteria (no anti bacterials in there), but the fridge is to hopefully reduce chance of bacteria. Next injection I’ll need to warm the solution up to make it more liquidy before getting another .25ml into a new syringe. I’ll have to do that each dose. I’m concerned that all this refrigeration and heating will degrade the hormone. Would I be best to pre fill all 4 syringes in one go, and put them in fridge? Then I’m only refrigerating and warming each one once. I’ve heard that keeping test E in a plastic syringe could result in the rubber plunger degrading into the solution though so not sure what’s best.

I really need some advice as I’ve hit a road block. The advice I’ve had from pharmacists is to dispose of the remaining solution after each dose. I don’t want an infection. I can’t believe how messed up Australia is with TRT, its so difficult. Maybe I’m over thinking it. I don’t want to inject 250ml in one go and I don’t want excessive wastage.i could do 125ml ever 5-6 days as this would reduce the number of times it is exposed to air/bacteria, but this protocol is not ideal for obvious reasons (low SHBG, keen to avoid high E2 etc.)

Please halp!

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