Splitting Up Leg Training Into Two Days

Hey everybody,

Lately I have been training 6 days a week.

Like so:

day1a / Chest, biceps, triceps
day2a / Shoulders, back, neck
day3a / Legs


day1b - variation of day1a
day2b - variation of day2a
day3b - variation of day3a



Now, I’m not too interested in hearing if this is the optimal way of training or not. I love this way of training and it seems to be working nicely (seems to have worked for a lot of big guys as well), but…

I would like to see what you people with more experience think of splitting my leg training over day 3a and 3b.

I would like 3a to be:

Quad focus day -

*Front squats
*Leg extensions
*DB walking lunges
*Standing BB calf raises

and 3b to be:

Posterior chain focus day -
*Back squats (wide stance)
*Stiff-legged deadlifts / Romanian deadlifts (Been doing SLDs lately but am considering switching to RDLS)
*Hamstring curls
*Single-leg DB calf raises (toes on edge of stairs to allow better emphasis of stretch)

I lift from my home gym and I am picking up a low-row/lat machine within the next week which would allow me to do pull-throughs as well. I will consider adding them in at another time.

Is having back squats on the posterior chain day a bit overkill? I was considering replacing them with single-leg squats as they supposedly have a greater emphasis on the posterior chain… was also considering following suit with guys like H4M doing sumo-deadlifts… but then would doing SDLs/RDLs afterwards be over kill?

I’m really trying to keep mature about my training and not over-think things… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


single leg squats sound like a great idea, especially since you’re already doing front squats earlier in the week…never a bad idea to pair a knee dominant single leg exercise (like split squats) with a hip dominant bilateral exercise (like RDLs)

Yeah, nevermind. I’ll just stick with back squats. Whatevs. I was over thinking things…

if posterior chain progress is not coming as quickly as I want… I’ll do sumo deadlifts.

I have always split my leg training in quad dominant/knee extension exercises one day, and hip extension exercises another.

If I try to do both in the same day, I burn out fairly quickly.