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Splitting Up Blast Injections

I am thinking about doing a low level 300mg blast and was wondering would splitting my shots into 6 50mg (half a mL) injections (Monday through Saturday) be better than twice a week at 150mg?

How often should I use an ai if at all?

Sorry if this is a dumb question.

I’m experimenting with this myself. My TRT was 80mg 2x a week with 0.25mg adex 2x a week, doing 40mg Sun/Mon/WedFri with no AI now. I go in this week to do my bloodwork.

Tough to say. 300 is kinda “no-man’s land” when it comes to AI. Low enough that some won’t need it, but high enough that some will. If you pin 6x a week, I would be kinda surprised if you need any AI. If you get bloods after 6 weeks and have high E2 symptoms, see if you could do maybe 6.25mg asin or 0.25mg adex 1-2x per week. Most seem to prefer asin over adex, but I have read anecdotal stories of hair loss on asin.

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Pinning 6x/week just seems unpleasant, even with insulin needles. The whole point of long ester testosterone is that they don’t need to be pinned so often.


Eod is fine and with that i doubt youll need an ai. I cruise on 250 p/w, over 2 shots. No ai needed.

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The more you split up shots the less benefit there is in doing so. Going from 1 shot every two weeks to every week is a big improvement. Going from once a week to twice a week is still a pretty significant improvement. Going to 3x or EOD is likely not going to be noticed from twice a week. Every day shots will likely not have a perceivable difference between EOD.

I do M,W,F shots. Probably overkill though.

Same here. Plus Masteron

I’ve been doing e3d for TRT so just kept that with this first blast.