Splitting the Heavy Day in Jacked Athlete 31

I’m in phase 2 of the Jacked Athlete 31 program, and it’s been great so far. Day 1 has clusters for squat, bench, deadlift, and chin ups. I find that doing heavy squats and deadlifts on the same day to be a bit much. Especially in week 2 which calls for 15-21 reps per lift @ 90-92%.

Which option is best to remedy this?

  • Do squats only on the day prior (the off day)
  • Reduce volume and do them both on the same day
  • Reduce intensity and do them both on the same day

I did the first option last week, but thought there may be a better solution.

For me personally. I can’t recover well at all doing both so I just alternate. It works really well for my Deadlift, not as much for the squat because I need a bit more frequency. It works well for me though

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Personally I would reduce intensity on one or both

I’ve had the same experience. Squats seem to need high-ish intensity weekly.

It depends on your body mechanics and leverages. I’d say reduce the frequency of the one that you are naturally good at. I’m the same, I need to barbell back squat at least once but preferably more each week because my body just doesn’t agree with them and it takes a lot for me to stay in the groove, but as long as I RDL, do good mornings and train the important areas, my deadlift will at least stay strong with low frequency, if not improve.
Although I never done Jacked Athlete 31, so I can’t speak specifically for the program, but in general this approach seems to work for me when setting up new programs.