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Splitting Sustanon Dose?

Is there any benefit to spliting the dose of sustanon 250?
e.g. i was injecting 500mg E/week
ive been reading of people injecting sustanon EOD any benefits to doing this?

Yes, yes there are some benefits. If you do a search theres a decent chance you will come across them.

If you’re taking Sust, then you should know that with the three different esters it is not optimal for blood levels. I hope by 500mg a week you mean E3D. Even that is suboptimal. My first cycle was Sust and due to certain circumstances I could only inject E3D. I could definitely feel the changes from the different esters. That being said, I made some awesome gains off of it. Wish I’d had access to better form of test though. If you can preload and do ED or at least EOD it will be much better for you.

thanks guys, ill start injecting EOD from now on.