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Splitting Sheiko Days


I was just wondering if anyone has tried this....

So for say monday Sq/BP/Sq instead of doing it all monday, do first Sq and the BP on monday, then tuesday do the second Sq. Then wed do 1 Dl and BP then thursday do 2nd DL. Then friday do 1 BP and 1 sq, then saturday do second BP. Thoughts? I ask because going twice a day is a pain for me, I don't believe in doing it all in one session and I like sweating every day. Do you think the 5-6 days straing of sq/DL training will be worse than fitting it into only 3?



Personally, I would just drop the second round of squats. I've done Sheiko for a long time, and I usually wont repeat exercises anymore. Unless you have awesome recovery, you will likely need the off days.


Which program are you running? I just did my first round of Sheiko 29, and had no problem fitting everything in, usually had each session done around 90 minutes. Why do you not believe in doing the whole session at once?

FWIW, I'm not a sheiko pro, and I don't know what the other programs are laid out like, but as far as 29 goes, sq/b/sq days, dead/bench/dead days, bench/sq/benc days, with accessory stuff added in also, and I loved it


I am currently running the CMS routine. I don't do it in one session because it takes too long and in fact the routine was not written to be done in one session. So I have been doing 2 workouts each day as the program was intended to be performed. I should note that it's not entirely the CMS because I ditch the pulls to knees. Also, my monday Sq/BP as suited/shirted and the full ROM deadlift is suited also. I do lots of recovery work so no, I am not overtrained. Raw total is currently just in the CMS range = ~1330 at 83kg.


Oh ok, I wasn't aware it was written to be done as a 2x a day thing. I think you'd be fine doing what you've come up with. Makes sense to me!


I learned this the other day as well and I'm six weeks in (29 followed by 37). I know folks have progressed doing everything in one session. Two sessions a day isn't an option for me, so it is either do it all in one or don't do Sheiko.


When I was doing sheiko I just did one long 1.5h session to fit everything in.



Anyone have experience with 5/6 days a week Sheiko?


I dont see a point in not doing it in one session.

The work outs are not that long unless you are taking huge rest intervals.

I also personally like the break up, as in monday bench-squat-bench. The second part of bench is easier to feel your muscle ect.

Fridays squat bench squat is the same thing, plus certain weeks have the second squats as front which hit me very differently since i back squat very wide, vs front squat very narrow


I'm just looking to get into the gym more often, tbh. I love high volume low rep but am used to getting in 5 days a week. I think my lifts qualify for CMS so I'm going to look into that. I just found the Sheiko thread on here so I'll have to skim through it when I get a chance.


My lifts qualify me for it, but everyone I have talked to who runs Sheiko recommended I do 29 and 37 and then start CMS. I love 29 so far, especially for benching it feels nice. I do not do the DL part though, I edited an excel sheet to have 29 and 37 but the coan.philipi for the pull days (weds). The DL doesnt seem like it would do well for me, and lots of people say they change it as well, I also might just use the Prelipens chart to guide my pulls in the program.

Also, I do 5/3/1 for military to add in a 4th day of lifting in the week. so its more like m w f sa


Sleep on it, chances are you will find the answer yourself and let's face it that's a much superior answer than random internet forum people's.


if you would just like to be training more, i would focus on raising gpp. sheiko advices the that tougher the cycle, the more gpp you do. both intensities would rise. dont know what you are doing now for gpp? but it could be anything from throwing medicine balls/discs/shotputs, sprints (obviously not max effort), jumps, oly lifts, high rep low weight back work etc... just basically enything that will raise your conditioning.