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Splitting Main Work and Accessory

So I’ve been able to work out during my lunch breaks lately. I only get an hour to walk about .25 miles, walk up 4 flights of stairs, warm up, workout, and then walk back. I’ve found it challenging to fit in a proper 5/3/1 workout in its entirety including a warm up and mobility. How about this:

Do 5/3/1 work during lunch with an adequate warm up.
Perform mobility work and assistance exercises after work on workout days.
Reserve conditioning for non-workout days.

Would this be a suitable work around? I’ve never done “2-a-days”, so this concept is a bit new to me…

Do you really need much warming up after 4 flights of stairs? In fact, why not by a weighted vest and walk the .25 miles and the 4 flights like a viking? IDK man, that walk to the gym and the stairs seem like a gold mine for conditioning. As far as assistance goes, if you really do not have the time, I’d probably do a two week rotation where you take two weeks to do the four lifts and then add a third day each week for assistance.

[quote]Smartass99 wrote:
Would this be a suitable work around? I’ve never done “2-a-days”, so this concept is a bit new to me…[/quote]

That would be fine. What Raven said would also work.

I love the part about 4 flights of stairs.

Just do the main work and the supplemental work. At home do a typical assistance workout:

Dips/Push-ups x 100-200 total reps
Hanging Leg Raises - 50 reps
Chin-ups/Pull-ups - 50-100 reps
Sit-ups - 100 reps

Then go run hills or push Prowler for 30 minutes or so. This way you don’t rush things too much and don’t have to go back to the weight room.

Thanks or the insight guys! I’ll get to it. The weighted vest idea is fantastic, I’ll just stash it at work and suit up before I go.

You guys are awesome!