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Splitting Main Lift and Acsessories Into Diffrent Sessions


Just recently started the power look program and i read your article look like a bodybuilder perform like an athlete where you said that you'll get better results from traning more frequently and doing shorter sessions.

So i was wondering if it would be more optimal to train the main lift and the accsessories in different sessions. I have a lot of time to train and i want to get to the gym every day.

So can i train the main lift on one day and the
2 accsessories the following day, or would it screw up my recovery?

Thanks in advance!


If time permits, splitting the workload in 2 sessions will always be superior BUT by that I means both sessions on the same day, not on two following days.

Main lift in the AM, accessory 4-6 hours later.


Hi coach, I've checked the internet every day for the new book, but I haven't seen it anywhere yet. I need some new programs. I've been training for 23 years, but I believe I still have some more PRs left in me. I keep going back to programs that have worked for me in the past, but I'm not really getting anywhere. Low rep, high frequency programs have always worked the best for me. The lifts I am the most focused on setting new PRs in are the deadlift, bench press, and overhead press. I've done 555 lbs in the conventional deadlift, 360 lbs in the close grip bench press, and 210 lbs in the standing overhead press at 195 lbs bodyweight. The books I refer to the most for programs are Carl Miller's Olympic Style Weightlifting, Power to The People Professional by Pavel, and Steve Justa's Rock, Iron, Steel. Are there any books you could recommend that have a lot of good low rep, high frequency programs?