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Splitting HCG Doses in Australia


Hi, I’m having a great deal of difficulty finding out the best, safest way of splitting my HCG into smaller doses in Australia. It seems most doctors and pharmacies have never heard of HCG or of bacteriostatic water.

As discussed throughout this site, I should be aiming for small, regular injections of HCG while on trt in order to preserve testicular size and sperm production.

I will be starting Test E injections soon and have also been prescribed 1500iu HCG SQ once every few weeks - when I feel like it, so maybe once every 2 weeks, 3 or 4. I’m not overly happy about this. My doc first said I could take it twice a week but as I can’t afford that he said less often is fine. I’ve had issues with such large doses of HCG in the past so keen to have smaller doses. Fertility and hormonal stability are my biggest concerns.

In Australia, the smallest dose of HCG I can get is 1500iu. This comes in a glass ampule of powder that I mix with a class ampule of saline and then (as the box says) have to inject immediately.

I’ve noticed in other countries, people can easily split their doses down to 250iu every 2 days using bacteriostatic water. I can’t get bacteriostatic water in Aus, and I’m reluctant to buy online.

I’m hoping someone can advise the best way for me to split the 1500iu into smaller doses. The saline solution doesn’t keep well once mixed with the HCG powder and is open to bacterial infection.

One idea is to mix it up using saline, draw it up into 6 syringes, then before each injection, transfer it into a new syringe using a Ministart Syringe Filter to filter out any potential bacteria that has grown while in the fridge. I’m not sure if this is the best way to do it though. I’m not even sure if HCG will stay effective if done this way.

Option 2. I find some bacteriostatic water, mix it with the powder and split into syringes. I don’t think I’ll find it.

Option 3. I stick with 1500iu doses every few weeks and risk estrogen spikes and desensitize receptors. Although maybe this is the best way to preserve fertility??

Option 4. Looking into finding a compounding pharmacy that can provide HCG to me in smaller doses. I have a feeling it’s going to cost an arm and a leg and my left nut!

Tldr: how do I split up 1500iu HCG into smaller doses in Australia without injecting bacteria into my body?


The field of testosterone replacement and understanding male hormones on a fundamental level is a few decades behind in Australia compared to other countries. While this is not the fault of medical practicioners, it does restrict what dosages and dosage intervals can be prescribed to us. For instance, the US has multi dose vials for testosterone cypionate in which the user can draw out and inject customized doses, Australia has primoteston, a box with three syringes of pre filled testosterone or sustanon, an ampuole designed to last an individual three weeks but only provides around eight days of adequate testosterone concentrations.

I’m assuming you have pregnyl (brand of HCG) that comes in either 1500iu amps or 5000iu amps (in Australia). According to the package insertion for the brand name reconstituted HCG is stable for 60 days if kept refrigerated.

One could pre-load syringes, I’ve never used HCG so don’t quote me here but if the syringe is properly sterilized one shouldn’t have a problem with bacterial growth in the syringe. I frequently store testosterone in syringes.

Another option is to freeze sperm, this negates the requirement for HCG unless one is seriously self conscious about the size of his testis. There is the argument that HCG can backfill pathways from various hormones that may not be optimally functioning due to TRT, however Im not totally sold on the idea


Thank you for the reply. It’s odd, the leaflet inside my box of pregnyl doesn’t mention Anything about it keeping for 60 days. Would you mind sending me the link of where you read that? Mine says that it must be discarded after mixing as there are no anti microbial properties and they can’t guarantee sterile conditions. However in another section of the same leaflet, it states dosages for hypergonadal males: 500-1000iu 2-3 times per week. So that doesn’t quite make sense to me, unless they’re suggesting to inject 500iu and throw out 1000iu every time I inject (which is what the pharmacist said is my only option). Madness!!!

Keen to know thoughts on using a Ministart Syringe Filter. My local needle exchange place recommended using these, as they give them out to junkies etc.


Initial prescribing guidelines called for much larger doses to be injected, however it has since been discovered that far lower doses work just as well with less adverse affects (similar to how Roaccutane was originally prescribed vs how it is prescribed now). I dont believe dosage guidelines have been updated. The instruction on how long it could be kept reconstituted from came from the FDA (American) issued product label. It is a PDF file, copy and paste this search and you should find it

Pregnyl (chorionic gonadotropin for injection, …
PDFhttps://www.accessdata.fda.gov › label

I’m not sure of my opinion on syringe filters because I’ve never used one. Depending on the micromolar concentration of particles that the filter filters will depend on which bacteria is filtered out. For instance a syringe filter that is .1Um (micromolars) will filter out bacterial particles that are above .1Um in size, smaller particles can still get through. I’m sorry I don’t have a more detailed response for you I’m actually on a vacation at the moment therefore I do not have access to a computer and have to use my phone (terrible reception).

Also do you intend on getting the filters from the place that hands them out to junkies, personally I wouldn’t do that, if someone I knew saw me at the local needle exchange place I’d probably be pinned as a drug addict


These guidelines for injections whether testosterone or HCG is all about not being inconvenienced with multiple injections a week, most people would not be as inclined to be so health consensus as most destroy their own health by unhealthy lifestyles.

In other words humans are lazy and want the pill (metformin) instead of making lifestyle changes. Believe it or not there’s a gene for laziness, it instructs those that have it to conserve energy.


Interesting, it seems the US version of HCG comes with water that contains alcohol (bacteriostatic?) the stuff in Australia only is saline (no alcohol) and specifically says “does not include any anti microbial properties. Use immediately and discard any left over”. I’m going to try to contact the manufacturer because their Recomended dosage (500iu twice a week) is inconsistent with their guidelines (use immediately after mixing and discard any unused).

In regards to concerns about people seeing me getting supplies from needle exchange, I could not care less. These are the friendliest, most welcoming, un-judgemental people I’ve come across in my trt journey. They give me all my needles and syringes for free, as well as sharps containers, alcohol wipes, and if I like, syringe filters. They offer great advice too. They get a lot of steroid users coming in. If someone sees me there and judges me then that’s their problem. My health is more important, and I’m finding it impossible to find a way of having sensible doses of HCG in Australia. It’s looking like I will have to just inject 1500iu once every two weeks. Otherwise I risk infection :frowning:

Anyone in Aus have this same problem and have a good work around our backwards, nanny state bullshit?


It’s only a nanny state if you follow the rules. There is a work around however it requires an individual to partake in

Also one can purchase bacteriostatic water online legally


Lol I’m sorry but I don’t know what you are referring to… One can get American HCG on the BM in Aus? I of course would never break the law, just curious.

I just assumed it was considered dodgy to buy it online, like it either wouldn’t make it through, or quality would be questionable. Might look into it more.

The the hell can’t we buy bacteriostatic waterin Australia? Doesn’t make any sense to me.


Ok so bacteriostatic water you may be able to purchase in certain pharmacies, if not then online is fine, you can get it online shipped from Australia. I was referring to the fact that one CAN get American HCG 10,000iu VIALS in Australia… But you can’t get it via prescription (via the BM) I don’t use HCG though (primary hypogonadism, I don’t see the point)


Just confirmed with the manufacturer their recommendation is to dispose of any unused Ie. If I only inject 250iu from the 1500iu ampule, I should throw away the remaining. How unhelpful.


Ridiculous!!! It’s like throwing away money, it’s not like money grows on trees


People load syringes all the time and no problems. Money does grow on trees for the manufacture, telling consumers to throw any remanding away.


But they’re probably loading syringes with sterile liquid, right?


Yeh probs with bacteriostatic or sterile water which can easily and legally be bought. From what I believe HCG reconstituted with sterile water can be kept refrigerated for up to 30 days and bacteriostatic water 60 days.


Bacteriostatic is not easily found in Australia unfortunately. I have not seen anywhere other than anecdotal (which might be enough for me) that says 30 days for constituted with saline solution, in fact it literally says to use of immediately in the leaflet.


Some people freeze HCG. This apparently keeps potency however I’m not sure if it kills bacteria however I know many types of bacteria cannot sustain life in such cold environments. There are many sources where you can (legally) purchase bacteriostatic water domestically. I’d give you links but I’m fairly sure it’s against the rules to post links that help an individual source pharmaceutical products.


I’ve got it sorted. Found a compounding pharmacy that deal with this for many others. Got my doc to fax them a script. I’ll be able to get a vial of 5000iu for $160 for doses of 250iu twice a week!


Was this a compounding pharmacy in Melbourne? I’ve just done the same thing! It’s a shame/waste with the pregnyl as it would be a damnnn bit cheaper to use


It is indeed a compounding pharmacy in Melbs!


Apparently they can also compound test C! I’m trying to find a doc willing. As I don’t think the one we saw wasn’t keen on compounding pharmacies. Would be cool if there was a private msg function as where both in similar situations! Even our bloods look similar haha