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Splitting HCG - 1500 IU in Vials

Hi all,

Here in AUS I can only get my hands on HCG which is 1500 IU.

With my pharmacy as per my TRT, I get 3 X Vials of the HCG powder and 3 X Vials of the water in the package.

Now, I do not want to inject 1500 in the one hit, once per week because that’s just too large of an amount and from all I’ve read here it’s silly with more frequent / smaller doses of 500 IU every few days seeming to be preferred.

I was wondering if I could mix my 1500 IU powder with the water, leave it in the vial and just draw it up with fresh insulin needles every 2-3 days etc and inject?

I’ll be keeping the vials in the fridge once it’s made up as well. I just don’t want to mix the 1500 IU and be using it over 1.5 weeks with the risk of bacteria growth etc.

My main question is basically will that be a safe option? Mix the 1500 IU and use it over the 1.5 weeks with fresh syringes etc.
This will mean each vial mixed I will use 3 times.

this is what I do except my vials are 12,000iu’s
I inject 400iu Mon and Thurs using a 31ga syringe subQ

Get yourself some bactereostatic water and use that instead of the saline solution that comes in the Pregnyl packs. Add 1.5ml of BWater to the powder vial and store it in the fridge - adding the extra .5ml makes it easier to dose. Mix one vial at a time to keep the rest fresh and store all vials in the fridge.

That way you can draw up 250ui in .25ml with an insulin needle and it’ll last for nearly 3 weeks per vial if you’re using it eod. Also make sure you wipe down the rubber stopper at the top of the vial with an alcohol wipe before each use.

Works for me perfectly.