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Splitting Dose into 3 vs 2?

I am currently splitting my 150mg of test into 2 sub-q shots per week. Based on the reading I have done, this is better all the way around. Lower estrogen conversion, better absorption etc. Has anyone played around with splitting into 3 doses? Other than the extra injections, which if sub-q is no big deal at all, any have any experience with this?

Yes plenty of people do EOD shots there’s a theory that it depends on your SHBG levels to decide your frequency. Lower SHBG needs more frequent and vice versa.

It is a fact that the majority of lower SHBG men are doing much better on multiple injection per week, it’s what I see on the forums and also what the doctors are seeing in their clinical experiences.

Maybe frequent injections isn’t necessarily needed for you, but if you are having trouble controlling estrogen, frequent injections can help.

A M/W/F is a good compromise and is easy to remember.