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Splitting Dose: Every 3 and a Half Days

Hey all. It’s been a while since I have updated progress.
I was on .5 CC Delatsryl since the start of test in Jan along with .4mg HCG 3 times a week. Up until my bloodwork. My doc upped the test to 5.5 now in April. About a month went by and my back acne was getting pretty bad as well as I felt a bit more anxious then normal. Gave it about a month and a half and dialed it back to .5 Cc. After last labs test dropped back down a bit. Doc recommended splitting the 5.5 every three and a half days. Anyone have any good experience with this as I was only injecting once per week before. Labs below.

Reproductive and Gonadal- June 6
8.4 - 28.8
25-Hydroxyvitamin D
75 - 250

Testosterone- March 8
8.4 - 28.8

Most people would feel better on two times per week than once per week. However there are exceptions to everything.
Also you have to state the testosterone in milligrams, cc means nothing it can have different concentration in the solution.

Also you have to state what ester is that

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It’s 1000mg/5ml

So I’m doing NOW 2.75 ml every 3.5 days.

Est-March one

103-June one

You need to get your units right. You aren’t taking 2.75ml. That would be 550mg of T, twice a week, so 1100mg (more than one entire 5ml vial) every week.

If you are taking that much, you’re on the wrong forum…


I think your condescending tone is fantastic. I’m sorry I messed up, I’m pretty sure you could read between the lines and figure it out. When I get home I will send the correct info. If memory serves me it’s 55mg split twice a week now. So 27.5 every three and a half days. Make sense?

Little sensitive

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Nah just not an expert yet. Was just asking for a little advice help…

And it was given to you in a very reasoable way.

It’s important to understand the units to convey what you are taking/lab results, etc… I guess unit units units has been drilled into my head since high school physics. Maybe I sounded a bit asshole’ish but that wasn’t my intention.

No problem man. I’m just learning, math has never been my strong suit lmao

Engineering and statistics minor here so lots of math

Makes sense! Haha
Only thing that’s kind of odd to me is. My Doc said 3.5 days. So my first injection was this past Saturday 9am. That would mean I would inject tonight at 9pm. Evening T injection- is that ok. I would imagine so, because it doesn’t take immediate effect… but just thought it was odd.

I’ve never not done mine at night, it’s not an issue. Just don’t think about it and let it get in your head. “Oh no I took my T tonight so I’m not going to be able to sleep…” because then you won’t be able to sleep because you think you aren’t going to

Ya everything is psychological! Thanks for advice Ncs. Much appreciated

It doesn’t have to be exactly 3.5 days. I got obsessive about it at first and drove myself crazy. Now I do Mon, Wed, Friday, but I often forget an injection and then do it the next day, or even double up on the next one. It’s very forgiving. Good luck, sir!

Same. I do mon wed fri but I sometimes forget the Friday one if I’m tired and do it Saturday. I’ve skipped ones altogether by mistake and never noticed.