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Splitting Daily Carbs Between Meals


Just after a few opinions on how people would split there carbohydrate allowance throughout the day

I'm currently on a small cut, and I'm consuming around 200g. 100g is around training and the other 100 is currently split between 2 of my 4 other meals. The non carb meals contain vegetables but i'm not including them in the allowance

I'm interested to hear if there would be any benefit to having the carbs spread over all the meals? Or even just at 1 meal?

I would estimate I'm not far of single figure body fat and 76kg down from 80kg over a slow 4 month period of cutting back on the eating


there may be a very slight benefit in timing your carbs, but it’s not going to make or break your results.

Personally, when I limit carbs I like to have them in the latter half of the day a la Keifer (google carb backloading if you wish). There may well be some benefit to having insulin levels lower for a large portion of the day (the idea behind carb backloading is that you maximise insulin sensitivity by keeping carbs low until after you train), but really I think the biggest benefit to eating like that is that it allows a bit more freedom with your choices for dinner.

I never noticed much difference between having my carbs pre-workout or post-workout.

So it’s really just a try-it-and-see type of situation.


Thanks, I was thinking along the lines of needing carbs to make use of the protein so may be best with every meal. I know I’m only trying to preserve muscle not build it.

I’ve tried lots of different combinations over the past few days and no matter which I choose the amount of hunger i feel is the same! Never really been this low carb before.


When cutting or trying to stay lean I like to keep carbs fairly low during the day because I just feel more alert and energetic during the day doing that and it doesn’t really bother me too much, and I like to have my cheat meals or eat with the family at night. I just have less discipline in the evening in general so I don’t restrict myself at night unless I’m in a severe cutting phase.

I like fast acting insulin producing carbs or plazma before my workouts because it gives me the best workouts.

On days I don’t work out or know I won’t binge at night I spread carbs evenly throughout the day and evening but still don’t go over 25-40 grms per meal at most. This pattern seems to work best for me.

Like yogi said I don’t think it makes a huge difference how you do it unless you’re at the point where you’re fighting to get down to mid or lower level single digit body fat. At that point I believe every little tweak helps.

Just experiment and find which pattern works best for you to stay in your caloric range.