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I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have been do Tai Kwon Do for about 3 years with fantastic results. However, i am unable to do unassisted splits. I can go to 190 degrees on a strech machine, touch my chest to my knees, kick over my head etc, but i am stuck at 6-8 inches above the ground on the splits. If it matters- im 17, male, 6’2 ,176. thanks for in advance for any ideas

have you tried PNF techniques?

Dynamic flexibilty is more important by far, but a few questions for you. Do you weight train? I pressume yes, but I gotta ask. When around your TKD specific w/o do you do your flexibility training? When around your weight training do you do your stretching? Any other times that you stretch? What type of stretching do you do?Peace, Tmofa

Check out “Stretching Scientifically”, by Thomas Kurz (I think that’s the right spelling). It’s a wonder-worker.

I trained in kempo for years. It took me 3 full months to master splits. I do the van damme double chair split and the pull leg over head split. Be patient or you’ll pull your groin, that not good. keep practicing…