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Splits, Splits, Splits

What kind of split do you use??

They all work…for a while!

I’ve done the bodypart thing in the past and most recently (CT’s Superhero workout).

I’ve used total body workouts and upper/lower body splits with much success. And I’ve used push/pull routines.

I’m going back to Renegade Training, as it works great for me. It’s sort of a mix between full body workouts and upper/lower body workouts all in one. I say that because you work the entire body with many of the exercises/sections of the workout each day, but their is usually a weight workout that is more lower body focused or upper body focused.

pure freestyle. i do tons of different shit every day i work out.

Truthfully full body or upper/lower workouts have really been great for me. I did the split thing for a while and I would always feel the muscles I’m not working atrophy ( probably just in my head). I never got the strength gains or size gains til full body workouts.

upper/lower body is probably the thing ive had the most success with. For a while early in my lifting career i would do total body, or as it was put earlier “freestyling” and just do whatever excersises “spoke” to me that day.

[quote]musclebuilding wrote:
What kind of split do you use??[/quote]

I use a three day antagonist push/pull split. Day 1 vertical push/pull, Day 2 horizontal push/pull, Day 3 legs push/pull. I do one cycle of that at 4x8 with the first set of exercises, take a day off, then do a second cycle of 5x5 with the second set of exercises and take two days off. Looks like this:

(4x8 Cycle)
Day 1 Vertical Push/Pull/Accessory
Rear Delt Row
Band Chinups
Barbell Decline Situps
Farmer’s Walk

Day 2 Horizontal Push/Pull/Accessory
Close Grip Bench Press
(Drop Set) Seated Cable Rows w/stirrup handle
Barbell Good Mornings
(5x5) Crush Grip Plate Loaded

Day 3 Legs Push/Pull/Accessory
Trap Bar Deadlifts
Barbell Calf Raises
Sled Drag

Day 4 off

(5x5 Cycle)
Day 5 Vertical Push/Pull/Accessory
Standing Barbell Military Press
Trap Bar Shrugs
Barbell Reverse Curl
(Drop Set) Weeblewobbles

Day 6 Horizontal Push/Pull/Accessory
Thick Bar Bench Press
T-Bar Rows
Wrist Roller Strap (2 Sets of 5 each way)
(Drop Set) Rotator Work

Day 7 Legs Push/Pull/Accessory
Barbell Full Squats
Barbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts
Barbell Curls

Day 8 off
Day 9 off