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Splits for Waterbury Programs

I’m currently doing ABBH II and was wondering what type of splits could be done in place of the 1 day on 1 day off. I recall reading somewhere Chad mentioned that a M,T,Th,Fri split could be done, but I am not positive.

I am also doing his Perfect 10 program for biceps and triceps, but I’m pretty sure I just keep that routine regardless of my current program. If anyone has any insight or possible alternative slits for programs such as this, the info would be most appreciated.

MTTF is better than nothing, but a on/off/on/off/on/on/off approach would be better … cram in another single day off rather than taking two days off consecutively.

Perfect 10 for arms along with ABBH? Sounds like a bad idea … it directly cotradicts Chad’s own recommendations for ABBH. But … try it … and let us know.

Oh, and get a bigger spoon.