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Spliting a Workout Into Parts


hello, since I have a gym at home sometimes when I have a bad training day/feel like crap and if I have the time I stop my session and resume it later.

For example if I do chest/back+bi I stop after my chest and barbell row are done and I do the rest of my back (DB row) and biceps later. I even went as far as splitting my day into 3 parts once.

I wonder if it's good or bad, I perform better on the last exercises when I split my day but overall my training is harder if I dont do it.


I would try to train my entire (inserst muscle group) at the same time. Splitting up bodyparts is cool, but I feel like splitting up the same bodypart into two sessions doesn't give you the full benefit of going in there and completely demolishing say chest or back or whatever you want to train.

I've trained like this before, didn't really like it. Would do flat bench in the AM, Inclines at night...


Agree with Austin. Though i had read some stuff on 2xaday bodypart training, doing the heavy lifts/low reps in the morning, then atleast 6hrs later doing the same exercises but low weight/high reps. It was an interesting concept, but never tried it.

I couldnt see stopping a workout midway like that though


I very often do this. I don't like working 2 diffrent bodypart in 2 sessions in 1 day. But I often do some work for the same bodypart split into 2 workouts - one in the morning and one 6-8 hours later.
I found this to work very well for bringing up lagging bodyparts as well as for strength cycles.

I would typically do it like this:

Morning: Heavy low rep work, explosive lifts. E.g. Push presses for a very high volume of sets. Like 15-20 sets of 3 resp, ramped up over 8-9 sets, then some waves. No grinding. No work to failure.

Afternoon: Higher reps and more isolation work. Like 4-5 exercises performed as a circuit (8-12 reps each set).

Or, what I found to also work well, is doing a workout in the morning (any style) and an excentric-less workout (sled, prolwer) in the evening.


These are two strategies I've implemented with great success as well. I really like this approach. You can put more into each workout, without burning yourself out.

Good stuff


compounds am, and isolations pm. works great for me. started it after reading something by CT where he suggested exactly that, and its working well.