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Split Workouts...?


OK first post
I?m 43, 5?10 ½? 192 Lbs
BF somewhere in the high 20?s
Wear 35? 501?s.
Have done some lifting off and on through the years, but would like to get lean and put on some muscle.
I was able to pick up the basics on nutrition just fine, but have a question regarding my lifting routine.

I typically do split work out?s 3 days a week. I don?t have a lot of time, so in order to make the most of my time, I will work three different areas at a time. For example, I may do one set of squats then instead of waiting for recovery, I go over and do a set of overhead press and then lat pull downs. Will go through this 4-5 sets then go to another group of three exercises. Are there any inherent problems with this approach? Feels like it is working and I am for sure toning up and starting to lean out.

Thanks much,



No problems with circuit training as you’re doing. It’s actually a brilliant idea for somebody who is short on time.

Read through some of Chad Waterbury’s articles to learn more about how to make you training most effective.


check out complexes too. there is a T-Nation article on it. a fun way to get metabolic with your lifting.

and re-read your nutrition basics. it took a long time for it to finally sink in to my little brain so maybe you are smarter but it’s challenging to dial it in perfect.