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Split Workouts Into Two Sessions


Ok so I hear people go "Oh you should do high reps with light weights" and people go "Oh you should do heavy weights with low reps." SO I was wondering if I took say my chest day and to keep this post short I'd do

Bench press-150 lb x10 reps x3 sets

Then 10 hours later same day
Bench press -45lb bar-45 reps x1 set

But would this be counter productive or??? Thanks for your input


I tried to workout twice a day but it's hard since the first workout might take all your energy.
If you try two-a-days,make sure to rest,maybe take a nap.


There's no reason you can't do your

Bench press-150 lb x10 reps x3 sets

and then do

Bench press -45lb bar-45 reps x1 set

In fact, you should be able to do this AND still have enough in the tank to do 3 sets of incline bench and 3 sets of flys, all within one hour.


Ok well to clarify

Benchpress-145 lbs-x3 sets of 10
Incline Press- 135- x3 sets of 10-10-8
Decline press 135- x3 sets of 10-8-8
Dumbell pullover- x3 sets with 50 lb dumbell
machine flys- x3 sets of 10 with 90 plate

After this I was totally worn out I couldnt even do my dips yes I know it's not a lot for all you big strong men but for me it wore me out so now I was wonder ing if i did that all again but with lighter weight and more reps if it would hamper my progress by just breaking down muscle or help improve (remember I'm taking 10 hour breaks in between)


Your second workout should be lighter and higher reps. Usually when someone works twice in one day the reps are something like 1-5 reps in the first workout, 8-15 in the second. I see no point at all in doing a 45 rep set expect perhaps as an exhaustion set immediately after your normal work sets as Kroby suggested. At any rate don't go to exhaustion in the second workout as you will burnout in time.