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Split Workout to Gain Muscle?

Hey am new here as Training Journal. Still practicing how to navigate the site layout.

Age 44. Gym 2-3x a week to exercise, relieve stress or to clear my mind. Then I embark on self-transformation as i was not happy with how i look in the mirror​:sweat_smile: as well as how i feel. Now i am trying to gain muscle. I have been doing full body workouts since the start of my transformation with a gym coach but now i am trying on my own to save money. Anyone willing to share knowledge about Split workout for muscle gain and how to create it. Or if anyone can show me a sample split workout one is following at the moment for a 4 week period. Thanks :blush::muscle:.

Great, great job August to November last year.

I’d be careful how much more weight you put on from here. We can develop some muscle without going crazy on body fat. The people that tell you you can’t are coming from a perspective of bodybuilding-stage lean; different animal.

There are tons of split routine options on here. I’m extraordinarily partial to:

The next 10 posters will come on and say that’s too advanced, and they might be right. If you’re not comfortable making your own substitutions (for example, I don’t have chains but I know the point is a fast concentric so that’s fine), then it’s too much. On the other hand, I don’t think there’s anything inherently advanced about a split routine based on big lifts.

In any case, this is a great tutorial at any stage of the game:

Thank you Trainforpain👍🏼will read the links and study them.

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