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Split Up Easy Conditioning Throughout The Day?

I have one newborn and a toddler and work full time, I’m pretty strapped for time.
In the afternoons, I take my son to the playground about 1/4 away. I was thinking about adding weighted vest to these walks and then making up the deficit to get 30-45 mins total on the AirDyne bike, like this:

  1. Walk to playground (10 minutes)


  2. Walk back from playground (10 minutes)

    Later Still

  3. Airdyne bike (10-25 minutes)


Seems like a good idea to me. Watch out for those kids in the playground.

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Sounds good. Do what you can when you can. I was in your shoes a few years back, I know how it is. Once your kids are around 4 and 5 they’ll become a great conditioning tool - just posted about it in my log. Half hour of tag where both of them are “it” is brutal - they get fast and NEVER tire so you can’t stop moving, and I also do 50 yard races where I start by giving the oldest a 1 second headstart and increasing his headstart by 1 second each round until I can’t catch him.

Good luck! The newborn + toddler stage is brutal. If you finish a day having moved around and both of them are still alive and happy, you’ve won.


I like to find ways to build carrying into these games too. Mine are 3 and 5 so they might not be heavy, but spend a decent amount of time carrying them at speed and you’ll soon feel it.

If you pick up someone elses’ kid you have to run REALLY fast.