Split training

Hey im 16 215 pounds 12% bodyfat… after wrestling season I train very hard to get big and buff for summer… this year I have my weight training class in the morning instead of at the end of school. I was wondering if it would be better to have a split training schedule where I train hard in the morning with legs (squats, leg press, lunges, etc.) then after school do upper body (bench, rows, military, etc) i have the class mon,wed,fri. evenly split across the week. then on wed. id do different things for my legs and upper body but you know what i mean. Do you guys think it would be over training or what? Protein and food is not a problem… please leave your suggestions

You may neurally inefficient by your second evening training session. Unless of course you do your first session, on monday, with maximal loads and the second session with less intensity. Then on friday use light loads in the morning and heavy loads in the evening.

Or do Lower body in the morning and upper body in the evening on monday and switch them on friday but keep the morning session the highly intense one and the evening session for less neurally demanding weights and reps.

For two sessions Poliquin would recommend atleast 2 gms per pound of bodyweight. And I would recommend lots of frickin sleep! Use glutamine by the ton and vitamin C by the truckload. Try grapeseed extract , its supposed to be the best antioxidant around.

Ill post more stuff if something comes up.


will i get the same gains on my upperbody then if i trained in a normal schedule or will it slow my size and strength down?

even if training twice per day produced results (which it doesn’t) it certainly wouldn’t produce an optimal increase in strength and mass. If this is how you’ve been training you need to take a 2 week break because you are severely overtrained. After the lay off begin training once per day 3 days per week. try this split
every exercise is one set to failure
breathing squats
good mornings


bicep curls

I would go for it. You sound psyched, and I get the idea you’re gonna try it anyways. I wouldn’t train for more than 45 minutes at each session, and I wouldn’t go for any high-intensity forced rep crap. I also definitely wouldn’t add volume. Do your normal workout, just split it into two chunks. Record the weights you’re using, and if you’re getting stronger, it’s working. If you feel like shit and get sick of it…it’s not.

I tried it last year becaus eit said to do so in arnolds encyclopedia of bodybuilding… I figure if I only do squats and say leg extensions in the morning for legs… how can that really effect me in the afternoon… especially since i have tons of protein muscle recovery junk… tons of glutamine and what not… the real reason im trying it is so i can use my time efficiently… or do you guys think i should just do everything in the morning and screw after school? i read that gunter schlerkamp does something similar to this… input?

just squats and leg extensions? I say do it.

have you heard of anyone doing it before? Arnold says in his book that it helps burn fat too because it gets ya goin in the morning

pssst…you arent gunter schielerkamp, nor do you have access to his “recovery junk”


To say that someone is or will be overtraining (especially over the Internet) is not really a good idea. You can say something COULD lead to overreaching or overtraining, but for all you know, he may have excellent recovery capability and the two-a-days may work wonders for him…Who knows? You don’t know for sure.

I don’t know how much this applies to your question, but there have been studies that show that if you split a training session into two parts it will lead to better strength gains. This does not mean two separate one-hour long training sessions. It means that if you normally train for one-hour, once a day, you will get more strength gains if you split your training into two separate half-hour long sessions.


I’m really surprised by most of these posts. Unless bodybuilding is your ENTIRE life it is not a good idea to train twice per day. And if a person were to train twice per day the only logical way to do this would be A,B,C training as reccomended by Fred Hatfield. Is it possible to make progress this way? Sure. Is it likely you will make great progress? No. If you are an average person try one of Ian’s killer routines. If you hve superior genetics go for a Poliquin routine. Unless you you are a total genetic freak or are on the sauce don’t train twice per day. More is not always better.

Along the lines of what tony said,split your routine up into 2 sessions. The important thing is like if you lift 3 days a week, then maybe you are doing lowerbody mon and fri and UB on Wed (or vice versa, split it up) then you will probably benefit from splitting your sesion in half. Remember to keep total training time for each day equal (1 hour max 2 30 min sessions, or a 40 min one and a 20 min one…) and keep the total for the day volume the same. I know Poliquin, Dave Tate and others are proponents of this training system.

Spencer, tell us what you decide to do, and how it’s going after you’ve tried it for a while

not to brag or anything… but i am a rather genetic freak considering my age… but i have been working out for all my life… and just started to get serious a few years ago… I like the idea of just going for about 20 minutes in the morning… then 40 minutes in the afternoon… becuase with lower body… there isnt as much to do compared to upperbody… ill do 4 sets of squats then maybe some lunges or something… then after school ill do my bench or flys then back and what not. I could just do everything in the morning but i never feel as strong as i do upperbodywise in the mornoing compared to afternoon… when it comes to legs it doesnt matter for some reason to me… what do you think… by the way i just got my 3 bottles of methoxy 7 and 3 bottles of tribex 500 and when wrestling gets done… round mid march i will start this split training and those supplements… think i will get to my goal of 240 by aug? I hope so for football… since im still growing it is much easier for me to gain weight… iwish i could give you guys a picture of me but this forum wont let me give an email address… 2 years ago i only weighed 140 now im 215… i work very hard and follow the rules of nutrition and sleep and workingout… i just want to try something a little bit more extreme to maybe get a fuller effect… i take tons of protein too aroun 220 grams per day… is that enough ? please respond

220 grams per day is good for your bodyweight, but more wouldn’t hurt and could help. If you are going to do the twice a day training program I would reccomend a postworkout shake after both sessions. BCAAs and glutamine might also be something to consider. Please let us all know your progress in a few weeks.