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Split Stance Push Press?



ok so after a while of corrective work, i finally have the flexibility to take a strong rack position for push pressing :slightly_smiling:

i've done only 2 sessions since this flexbility work, one session 'normal' stance, one session split stance (front heel about 6 inches in front of rear foot, so fairly close).

i noticed that the split stance makes me soooo much more stable, right the way through to lockout -i feel stronger, and lifted slightly more weight.

whilst a normal stance should allow more leg drive, i feel the added stability makes the actual press portion stronger.

is it ok to use this split stance?


No it's not okay. It will develop imbalances. And if you are more stable that way it tells me that either your hip flexors or ankle lack mobility (which makes it harder to maintain a proper position during the dip of a push press... your hips and knees are probably coming forward and the weight is shifting on your toes).

Somebody who does it right has much much leg drive using a regular stance.

Learn to do it right.


thanks CT :slightly_smiling:

actually its the opposite; i seem to press it too far back, so the weight shifts away from my toes. -this isn't because i lean forward too much when i dip because i'm already conscious of that