Split Squats vs Lunges for Strength

Which is a better if your goal is strength training?

[quote]bluestreets wrote:
Which is a better if your goal is strength training?[/quote]

They are both great choices, but why limit yourself to just one.

There are plenty of varieties of each to choose from, Front lunges, side lunges, reverse lunges, twisting front lunges, twisting reverse lunges, front/reverse lunges, split squats, bulgarian split squats, then you get into stepups, side stepups, stepups with reverse lunges…Cycle the different variations in and out of your program.

If you had to choose just one, I’d say choose the one you are weakest at and bring it up to par with the rest. Then move on to you next weakest.

Also make sure you are doing a quad dominant (squat variation) and a hip dominant (deadlift variation) exercise as well.

Thanks Mobi. My lunges are definitely weaker than my split squats so I’ll work on them.

Alternate them once in a while.

Your still squatting though right?

I’m definitely still squatting. I just want to get in some unilateral work in too.