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Split Routine Look OK?

I’ve only ever trained bodyparts once a week, so this would be quite a change. I would focus on the three main lifts, as well as pull ups. Avoiding failure.


Squat 5x5, Heavy
Speed Deads (Block) 70% of Wednesday’s weight
Pull Throughs


Pull Ups Low Reps & Weight eventually
Speed Bench Press 70% of Friday’s weight
— Cardio


Deadlift 4x6, Heavy
Military Press 3 x 8
Speed Squats 60% of Sunday’s weight, 3x8
Cuff Work


Pull Ups Higher Reps
Bench 4 x 6, Heavy
Cuff Work
— Cardio

While I’m not an expert, this looks like a pretty damn good routine for gaining overall strength while maintaining muscle-balance. I?m guessing this program doesn’t take much more than an hour for each workout, which is defiantly good.

Personally, I’ve always thought that the 3 ‘main’ lifts should be done along with rowing or pull-ups of some kind, so it’s great to see it given equal time in your program. Otherwise you can end-up with messed-up shoulders from too much benching and not enough pulling. One quick tip in case you haven’t already thought of it, if you’ve got a backpack, you can throw a few weights (5-20 lbs) in there for a bit of extra-resistance during pull-ups. More than that and you’ll probably want to invest in a dipping-belt designed for weighted-pullups.

One thing you might want to integrate is some sort of twisting exercise, like cable-woodchoppers, twisting-ab-crunches, or just weighted twists. I.e. put the bar on your back and twist your torso 45 degrees each direction.

I like it. I like it alot. Simple and Effective. Its gonna be a nice change of pace. I never thought body part splits were effective.

Try it and let us know how it goes.

-The Truth

I like it. It looks like something I would do. You must be smart.