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Split Routine Incorporating GVT?


I've been doing full body workouts for some time which have been meeting my goals.
Im looking to change things up a bit, not only to stay fresh and shock my body, but to keep things interesting.

What are your thoughts about a routine that incorporates GVT as below:

Mon: Chest & Back (3 - 5 rep range week 1 / 6-8 rep range week 2)
Tues: Legs & Shoulers (3 - 5 rep range week 1 / 6-8 rep range week 2)
Wed: Active Rest
Thur: Chest & Back (GVT)
Fri: Legs & Shoulders (GVT)
Sat: Active Rest
Sun: Active Rest

My thinking being, with my full bodies I would train mondays 6-8 rep range, wednesdays 3-5 rep range, friday 15-20 rep range.
The above is a split up version with the inro of GVT instead of the 15-20 rep range day.

Goals are to add some mass (not in a hurry) whilst staying lean enough for my sports.

Thanks in advance.