Split/Program Recommendations

I have been doing HP Mass since around the time it came out. Unfortunately, Due to school and work I do not have the time to train as long as I would like. I can still hit the gym up to 6 times a week but, I only have 40 min to train at the most. Any recommendations for programs or splits? I want to really focus on building the power look for the next few months.

By “Powerlook” I assume that you are talking about the look of a power lifter. The only difference between the look of a power lifter and bodybuilder is that power lifters are not overly concerned about body composition, thus, usually carry more fat. So just eat like an f’n pig (making sure your eating 1.5 g of protein/lb/day), and use a program such as 5/3/1 BBB. Don’t stress about the program, just pick one that has you in the gym 4+ days per week and focuses on progression and stick to it.