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Split or Full-Body Routine For Teens

I’ve recently turned 17 (160lbs) an i’ve been training for bout 7months or so and im not sure weather or not to use a full body routine or a split? For most of the time iv used split because that is what most people i know use.

Iv heard that full-body workouts are good for teenagers because of all the testosterone they release bt im nt sure i know they both have their benefits though any advice on the matter would be great! Thanks.

Hey I’m 16 (200 lbs) and typically I do a 2/1 day split, I really don’t like doing my deadlifts on the same day as a benchpress, but, since I work back only once a week sometimes 5 days (deadlifts are sore for a while for me)

I typically work out 4 days a week max, mixing full body emphasis only with a seperate day for deadlifts (and specific back workouts/core).

Hopefully I help.

By the way, I would be more worried about the amount of compound lifts you do and nutrition before worrying about splits.

160 is a bit light, regardless if gaining weight concludes in fat or not, I reccomend eating more.

Honestly, I’d have to say you should give it a try just to see what happens. For some people, splits work better, and for other people, TBT works better (Alpha trains TBT, I believe). CT mentioned pendulum training in one of his articles, meaning using TBT as a drastic change of pace for a “shock” might help.

In my own (very limited) experience, I’ve mostly trained TBT, largely due to the fact that I like working out more often. But then, recently, I’ve switched to splits, and I absolutely loved being able to dedicate a lot more time to a single body part at any given time.

But, as CCJDilla said, it’s more important to train hard and eat a lot than worrying so much about how to train. My point is, you gotta experiment to see what works best for you. God, I’m long-winded.