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Split ME Lower Over 3 Upper Workouts?

Hey guys,

I’m a soccer goalkeeper and we play nearly the whole year, so theres no real offseason.

I have 3 freedays during the week for my workouts. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (Sunday Match).

I have no problem to recover from Upper Body Days, but it’s impossible for my legs to recover from a whole Lower day, so I thought of splitting the ME lower day over the 3 days.

Something like this:

A max deadlifts/box squats 5reps
B xxxx
C xxxx
D Shrugs
E ez curls
(maybe superset D and E)

A max bench variation 3-5reps
B supp db bench 2 max sets
C db rows 3-4sets
D lateral raises 2-3sets
E db curls

A rep bench variation 4sts
B triceps death
C chin ups/pull ups 3-4sets
D rear delt flys incline 2-3sets
E1 band good mornings
E2 abd work variation

Maybe I can do the rows from Wednesday on Monday C and the supp. bench work on B but it could decrease my power for wednesday max work…

Hope you can help me :slight_smile: