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Split in Republicans?


How bout this? not only is Bush hated by Dems, but he is begining to slip in your own party...who is headed for a split party now?



Just because a president has a majority party in Congress during his second term doesn't mean he will have their support. Remember, they have to run again, the president doesn't.


Wow. We better shape up before we disintegrate and become as confused as the Dems.


If the 2006 elections go good for the democrats Bush will be impeached and possibly imprisoned.


Then Bill Clinton will be relected for a third term.

All of these scenarios have about the same probability of happening.




Are you serious, or is this some wet dream you had?


I am just surprised that Bush is loosing his superchristians. I didn't see that coming. I almost give him credit for it, as he is trying to not seem so pyscho right wing. Unfortunately, the one good thing he may be doing is going to shoot him in his hillbilly ass.

And if the party splits, the Dems got a better shot. Not that we don't have to find a leader of course, but maybe someone will grow some balls


But the Dems have a split of their own, on that, in my view, is bigger than the GOP - the DLC-populist type wing versus the social democrat-lefty wing.

Big national parties are likely to have groups that aren't always eye-to-eye, but there is a moderate revolt waiting to happen in the Democratic party. It'll be great for the party and for the country.


I have to agree thunder. It seems that the major left wing faction of the democratic party has in fact run away with the party. The middle of the road democrats are actually being shunned.