Split for Strength Balance

Hello Christian:

It’s been a long time since I last posted in this forum. Touched weights since age 14 (it’s almost 12 years now). I’m coming back to the Iron Game, with the new goals of:

-Getting shredded, or at least VERY lean while developing a strength base.
-Bringing my lower body up to par with my upper body.

My lifting goals are:
-Get to a 150kg bench pressx3 reps.
-200kg squat.

My issue has been always with the squat, because I have been able to bench 130x3 with no spotter , and even got up to 150kg but spotted so it doesn’t count. I Deadlifted 200 kg since I was 19 years old, so I know I don’t have problems with that lift. The squat has always been my issue, my max is 180kgx4, but my depth always suffers when I increase the load.

I found your Double Stimulation Training article very interesting, I have done feeder workouts before reading about it, because I know they work. I have tried Synergistic training, as well as body part during my training years, I like both and don’t have any special preference. My question is the following:

How would you modify the training split, if your goal is to bring your legs up and get your squatting equivalent to your bench?

If I’m guessing right, I have to become 33% better at squatting to accomplish this.