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Split feedback

For the past 4 weeks, I have been doing a strict hypertrophy program, with lighter weights at a 4141 tempo. My goal for 12 weeks is maximal growth, not necessarily strength.

I was hoping for some feedback on the split I have adopted - I feel that if I work one main muscle group in one day, the efforts expended in one exercise subtract from others. So:

Day 1.) Flat BB bench, DB flys, DB Military Press, Rows, Front raises (DB)

Day 2.) Incline BB bench, Incline DB Flys, Wide-grip Chins, Shrugs, Side Raises (DB)

Day 3.) DB Curls, Skull Crushers (EZ Curl), Hammer curls, Dips.

Day 4.) Leg Press, Calf Raises.

So, I’m mostly wondering if it’s a good plan to split the chest and shoulders over different days. I find I have better power on the incline stuff if I do it on a different day; I also find I have better power if I do chins and rows on different days. Is this a good thing, or should I be working the single large muscle group to exhaustion in one day?

Also, I do other leg exercises that I haven’t listed - it’s the split stuff I’m mostly curious about.