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Split Drills


I'm new to this training style and I seem to be having some fairly persistent problems splitting on the jerk. I can support the weight in the long split, I just don't seem to be splitting very long most times...particularly when the weight gets heavy for me.

Would there be any good drills to do regularly to help with the timing or foot speed? Sorry if these are dumb questions and thanks in advance for any advice.


I don't know if these drills will help with speed but they should help with positioning and getting comfortable with the split. I've never tried the ladder one because I don't have room and you probably don't either :stuck_out_tongue: but you could probably do one, recover then do it again I would think.


Thanks DebraD. I've been doing split jerk lunges/recovery in-place after seeing that video a few days ago because you're right - I don't have enough room to do the ladder. I've also been doing Mr. Shankle's jerk press for warmups since that vid came out :slight_smile:

I don't really have a problem holding the split or recovering from one (I do a decent one now and then), but I do seem to have major trouble getting into the split in the first place. I'm not lifting my legs enough or something after launching the bar and I may need to train that specific thing, perhaps.

Right now all I can think of to address it is to, well, do a lot of jerks...


I've been having a problem with that too and one thing I found out I was doing (as I do with all my lifts!) is not finishing so when I dip & drive I'm not finishing the drive and my timing is off.

I have to think about a big push to get me to finish and think about being aggressive to push myself under the bar and that seems to help. I still go short on my front foot but I think I'm getting better.


Try doing split jumps. Get into the split position, then jump and switch forward and backward legs. Do this for 10 reps x 2-3 sets as warm-up for the jerk.

Also, after your jerk and/or C&J work, you can do split recoveries. Load up a bar in a squat rack on safety pins with the bar at top of forehead. Load the bar up, then stand under the bar with hands in jerk grip, get on toes, then quickly punch into the split jerk. The bar will not come off the pins when you do this, until you recover from the split position.

Another exercise you can do is jerk split under. As warm-ups for CJ or jerks, take the empty bar on your shoulders in jerk position. Get on toes and with NO hip extension, "pop"/punch under the bar into the split position, stay there for a second or two to re-inforce that position, then recover.

Hope these help!!


Thanks very much! I'm out of luck on the squat rack part, but those other two drills are very doable. That last one sounds like a snatch-balance for the jerk, kind of. I will definitely give those a go.


with a skipping rope.

i kid.


And wearing a weight vest and clown shoes, right?


clown shoes for sure...


then splitting with regular shoes and no skipping rope will seem easy.


though one should probably say something about a BOSU ball at this point

(i really am kidding btw)