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Split Dosage or One Big Dosage/Wk?


in this video say its better dont go with half life (pin eod/e3d etc)..and instead pin once a week all weekly dosage..

someone try this?..


Interesting, I admit I always thought maintaining stable blood levels was pretty important. Never really paused to consider any other way. I would hate to experience mood swings or sides from erratic blood levels, even at the cost of some gains.


Imma give this a whirl and see what happens for the last 7 weeks of this run. 1000mg Test E Tuesday and 1000mg Tren E worried kinda about the kick with Tren but hey lets see if this guy knows something we dont.


With high dosages, I see no problem actually, but with something like 500mg of test E, by the time for the next injection, your test levels will be just above high normal. Not good. But, if 1000mg become 500, no biggie I guess.

EDIT: I didn't watch the video, but why every week? Why not not every 15 days? Once a week for all esters? Decanoate and propionate are two completely different animal. Seems kind of random to me.


No. If you want high blood concentration peaks, use a short ester like Propionate/Acetate, that is what they're for. Half life theory is for isotopes, not AAS depots. AAS is generally absorbed much faster than people think, and the ester is cleaved almost instantaneously in the bloodstream. Pin more often, you will become accustomed to it in time.