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Split Cycle?


I am currently on my second week of test 250 every 3rd day and deca. My question is can I do the deca for 6 weeks then switch to tren for 6 weeks? This is my second cycle. I'm 43 5'11" and 185. Estimated bf is 17-18. Work out 6 days a week and focus hard on diet. Any thought?


Really? No responses? You guys flame every retard on here and nobody has time to answer a legit question.


We have not responded because your question is one that normally would get flamed for a lack of Knowledge and research. Also you would be flamed for 18% body fat and only being 185lbs and this is already your SECOND CYCLE, Honestly they did you favor not responding. If you had done even the most simple of google searches and researched the profile of how Deca works in the body you would know the answer to this question. (or at least your half smart enough to figure ot out)

But since I'm in such a helpful mood... The answe is yes but why the hell would you. Deca Durabolin does not even fully get to work in your body til 4-6 weeks. So why the hell would you stop taking the drug as soon as ot starts to kick in. Once again could have been answered with a 10 second keyboard stroke and then a 5 minute reading... If that long.


Why does it offend you that he has done less research than you or others? Consider: this is part of his research.


Because he is lazy and then comes here to be spoon feed information and then gets mad when everyone overlooks and chooses not to answer to his question. He is 40+ years old he is a big boy he could at least try.


Op just got served, I might add, it is highly annoying when you have put a lot of time into research and someone comes on here expecting to be spoon fed, just pure laziness is how I see it


Actually Reed, I have followed you and many others on this site for quite sometime. I respect your experience. As for the 18% BF. Its probably lower. I have lots of definition, and can still see my abs under the fat im carrying on my belly. The BF was a estimate compared to when i was at 12% when i had it checked last year. I have done research, but I think input from people with experience is always better. I thank you for the response.


It is my experience that when people use and the end of the post...."any thought?" this equals "I'm a dipshit and just not motivated enough to google jack shit, please hellllp meeeeee I'm meeeellllting and I have no arms or fingers."




In response to Reed, I guess I was looking to add some mass before cutting. I have read on hear that you should not cut after a cycle or you would lose your gains. I was just looking for experienced advise.


I apologize honestly man. Just the way the question was asked made you seem very inexperienced and unknowledgeable. Next time just try to clarify your situation and if you have abs your under 18% lol. I just get so frustrated with this site and the idiots hear that I regret to admit it but, I honestly open almost every thread expecting shit and stupidity and I guess I just find it even when it is not there some times.

As for you question and cutting after a cycle would probably not be a great idea. If I was you I would cut while on gear so you hold as much as possible. If your cycle is geared completely toward bulking then consider running a small cruise atleast after cycle. Say drop all gear except 200mg of test weekly. This will allow you to cut after you main hard cycle while holding on to more of your gains. May lose some but some is better than all.


When folks google these types of topics they are taken to sites like this one. I think some people assume that if they ask they will get decent info as if they were asking on a forum regarding other topics. For example if I get on a forum about wine tasting in Napa Valley, no one calls me lazy and tells me to do more research.


Shouldn't assume. Also this is not a wine tasting forum so therefore the audience not as kind to laziness. If he would have googled Deca Durabolin the first thing to pop up would be the drugs profile describing everything about it and he would have had his answer. You could and should have the same thing with your TE or TP thread.


I have done a good amount of research concerning the topic in my thread. Now I'm interested in the opinions of those who have used both TE and TP.


This isn't a horrible question. Its Just a question ffs. This isn't an example of someone wanting to be spoon fed and have someone lay out a cycle for them or anything similar. To me it just looks like he's asking for opinions from more experienced users....the whole point behind a forum. Every single one of us had questions when starting out that research alone doesn't entirely answer or give a full sense of "I'm doing it right". OP, unless you did a massive frontload, 6 weeks is way too short for deca. Just stick with what you have.


You could have easily researched the answer to that question. I just googled Test E vs Test Prop and on the first page alone there are over 10 results with multiple pages of multiple people including this site discussing your exact topic.

Almost everyone of them titled and worded the exact same way you did. If you have done as much research as you believe this would have been ridiculously easy for you to find. There is a reason that almost every forum including this one has a search bar. Should try using it.


I've done both of those searches as well, multiple times. I still learned something that I didn't think about before. So it was useful to me.


Fair enough. I just didn't see anything discussed or taught in your thread that has not been beaten to death 1000x times before. But, if it helped you then that's all that matters. I just don't respond usually to posts that have been beaten to death or are not well thought out usually. That's why I didn't even respond to this one until the OP became upset that no one responded. Which honestly probably made me be a bit more dickish than I should have been but none the less.


Old guy I wasn't implying your question was reflecting my analogy...was just stating the usual case. Be precise ask exact questions don't leave it up to..."what do you think". Because then you open it up to more dipshits chiming in with nonsense and you will receive bad advice. Thats all I was saying.


I want to thank you guys for the criticism and advise. I guess my next question would be, how should I transition from bulking to cutting (and how soon after) and keep as many gains as possible?