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Split Combo with Endurance Sports?

there is this very cool couple that comes in my gym, and they are just about the only other ones in the gym I ever see deadlifting and squating. they often ask me for technique help , and I couldn’t help but notice that she was looking very weak and pulling very slowly. What I would look like if I was absolutely depleted. I told her looks like you need to get out of here cause ive seen her pull 225 easier than what she was pulling 185 with.

So I said i bet you guys have started your competitive cyclying huh? YEP weight training is secondary now! SIGGhhh!

I immediately said when was your last endurance day? oh yesterday? and before that the day before we did also, and your doing legs today?

so to reiterate they do weds sprints on and off, friday, sprint combo distance on sat, same thing on sunday, then monday is squats and deadlifts! I was like DAM I would be wiped.

i immediately thought they need to separate there days a bit, and at the very least put there weight power days in front of they endurance days with at least 6 hours apat on the same day like on weds morning?

anyone have any good advice for this?