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Split Body-Part Routines

Which programs in the archives are best for split body-part routines (if anyone has tried any)??

What do you mean by split body part routines? Like chest/arms one day, back/shoulders another and legs the third day?

Or are you talking about upper/lower body splits?

First, don’t do “body part” splits. Those are the routines you read about in Muscle and Fiction and Flex. The workouts the pros do and get all their results from. The average person won’t get much out of that for very long.

I highly recommend upper/lower body splits or full-body workouts. They are much more effective. As you don’t need to train chest one day, back another, arms another, shoulders another and legs another. That leads to overtraining and poor results. Think about it, you can’t “isolate” a muscle. You will always be using numerous muscles when training. So train in movement patterns (horizontal pushing/pulling, vertical push/pull, quads/hams, etc.) or with full-body stuff.

You’ll make better gains in the long run. As for programs, try the following:

Renegade Training (Fat to Fire, Renegade Bodybuilding)
The Waterbury Method
The Next Big Three

thanks, i’ll try the ABBH method by Chad Waterbury