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Split Advice Needed


hey all, just started a new programme but not sure which of the fallowing splits i should use:

Option A(synergist): Chest/Shoulder/Triceps

Option B(agonist): Chest/Back/Shoulder

Option C: Chest/Back

I do swiss ball crunches in between sets sometimes.
I workout one session every day 7 days a week. So basically 7 times each week and i do on average 25 sets per session(not counting abs).

Here are the exercises i do for each bodypart:
Chest:slight incline Power flies/incline db press/close grip incline db press.
Back: Chest supported db rows/chin-ups/rack chins/paralell chins.
Legs:Db squats.different stances.
Triceps:PJR pullover.
Biceps:Offset incline curls/incline hammer curls
Delts: Push press/Lateral raises.

I'm 177-178 cm, and 161 lbs and my arms measure at 14,5 inches. I am 20 years old and my goal is hyperthrophy/growth.
Thx in advance


I'm not sure why you have all 2-day splits. You should break it up if you are training every day.

For hypertrophy, I like something like:

Quad dominant legs
Chest and some bis
Back and some Tris
Shoulders and Traps
Hip dominant legs
Off/Or start with 1st workout


I think the way you "split" your body is the least important factor in the setup of your workout regimen. Other parameters like frequency as well as loading parameters (how many reps for how many sets) and lifting speed and techniques are much, much, much more important.
All splits will work as long as the other parameters are set correctly. None of the splits will work if they are not.


I would concentrate on doing more efficient exercises.

Instead of just db squats w different stances for legs, do:

BB squats, Hack squats/leg press, hamstring curls/RDL's, and calf raises.

Add in some various pressdowns for triceps.

Start off with Barbell rows or deadlifts instead of chest supported db rows for back.

Start off with Barbell bench presses (or atleast db benchpress) before flies.