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I recently received a custom protein blend from protein factory. I had it sweetened on their reccomendation with splenda, a sweetener derived from sucrose. Everytime I drink it, it leaves a terrible aftertaste in my mouth for hours. Does anybody know about splenda or if it can cause this?

I’ve never had this experience with Splenda, myself.

I don’t know about the Splenda, but I’d
suspect it isn’t the problem. Instead,
many of the proteins, or protein hydrolysates,
sold by the Protein Factory are inherently
bad tasting. They do warn you about this
on their website – the theory is that these
proteins offer benefits that are worth
the bad taste. Are any of the proteins
included in this custom blends ones that
they warn you about?

I have used sweetened CFM whey from the
Protein Factory, and it tasted very good.
I don’t know however that the sweetener
was Splenda.

I have had a custome whey/casein mix from The Protein Factory and it had splenda. I didn’t mind it too much. I just ordered the Ion Exchange Whey with splenda and have not received it yet. I will take notice. Call Alex at The Protein Factory and let him know. He is a good guy, and I would not be surprised if he helped you out some way.

It’s not the Splenda. Sucralose has absolutely no aftertaste and tastes almost exactly like sugar.

I assume you mean the aftertaste is much like the same you taste after drinking diet coke?

I use EAS pure whey and find it gives a kinda bad aftertaste but doesn’t last long.
This contains aspartame.

I use Splenda daily and have never noticed any after taste. It’s by far the best sweatner I’ve used.

Splenga is also a godsend for those of us using zero-carb protein powders right now. I have it in packets, and even though those have dextrose and maltodextrin added to them they’re still less than one g of carbs per packet, and they greatly IMPROVE the protein flavor, so I also suspect it’s another ingredient causing the problem.