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Splenda vs. Shug(a)r(t)?

So I just got back from Vitamin Shoppe to get some fish oil to hold me over until the mysterious new product is unveiled here. At the front counter where the free samples are kept they had this product called “Shugr” (For some reason it reminded me of Chris Shugart). Anyway it’s this Swiss made stuff that comes in a red packet that’s touted as more natural than sucralose (splenda.


Erythritol, maltodextrin, tagatose, (less than .005g sucralose)

The packets says 0cals but has a 2g carb count 0 of which is sugar. According to the guy at the counter no sugar alcohols either.

I’ve never heard of this stuff. I’m guessing some of you have though. Any thoughts?

How can any artificial sweetener be better then splenda?

They can’t.

Er… Second ingredient is maltodextrin?
Well, it’s not sucrose, so there’s no sugar!

2g of carbs per how much product?

As for erythritol… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erythritol

As for tagatose…

So, it’s a product with two low calorie sweetners and maltodextrin.

I really like this wikipedia thing, have to use it more often.