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Splenda Packet Calories

Something I had always wondered about and stumbled across the info on the net.

If you ever use Splenda, you may have looked at the ingredients list. You may have noticed that “Sucralose”, which is the artificial sweetner in Splenda(600 times stronger than sugar) is listed 3rd on the ingredients list.

Who cares? Well, the two items above it are Dextrose and Maltodextrin. Any Surge fan worth his salt will tell you that those are pure Sugar.

Anywho, they are added as a bulking agent to make the product bigger because at 600x sweeter than sugar, the amount of sucralose in the packet would barely be visible, so they add in the two sugars to bulk it up.

The end result is that a packet of Splenda contains 4 calories (its actually a little less). The FDA says you can claim 0 calories if its less than 1 gram of sugar, which is what they do.

Not a big deal really, but if you are diabetic and throw in 10 packets in your 3 cups of morning coffe, than an extra 10 grams of sugar you are getting. Also a big deal to those looking to get very lean and counting every calorie.

I think the Liquid Sucralose is truly calorie free, so if you are a fan of the sweetner you may want to try that instead.