Splenda = Maltodextrin and sucralose?!?

OK, I just got a shock. For some reason I was motivated to look at the ingredients on the Splenda box, and there were only two listed: Maltodextrin and Sucralose, in that order. So I ran over to my pantry and checked out my cannister of Equal. Once again, two ingredients: Maltodextrin and Aspartame, in that order. Then I ran over and looked at the listed carbs on Surge: Maltodextrin and sucralose.

WTF?!? Is my sugar substitute that I have been using to avoid carbs the same mix of high-glycemic carbs that JB put into Surge? If it’s not, someone please explain to me how I made such an idiotic mistake.

All artificial sweetners are way to concentrated in pure form to “measure”, so they are “diluted” with maltodextrin for ease of measuring 1 serving. The amount of maltodextrin in 1 serving of artificial sweetener is miniscule and is less than 1 gram and therfore, by FDA rules, can be listed as calorie free, which for all practicle purposes, is correct.

Is the sucralose not listed first? it is the primary ingredient. the maltodextrin is in there but not in significant amounts. so chill.

is there something wrong with maltodextrin? Ive been making my own post-workout shakes and have been using half dextrose/half maltodextrin to come up with 40 grams of carbs…is this a bad idea?

Nah Goldberg, the malodextrin was first, as I pointed out above.

Thanks for giving me the lowdown Heb. I was just surprised that malodextrin would be the first ingredient, which means, I think, that it is over 1/2 malodextrin by weight – right? (Only two ingredients listed, malodextrin and sucralose, with malodextrin listed first, and the ingredients must be listed in order of the amount in the product).

Maltodextrin is great for post-workout shakes because of its high GI. I was more concerned because I have been using it as a sweetener on cottage cheese and whatnot, when I don’t want a high GI carb or any other extra carbs.