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Splenda is Made from Maltodextrin?


I tought Splenda was a sucralose-based sweetener, but I realised it is made from maltodextrin mostly. Now I am all confused. Does that mean it is bad if I want no sugar or does maltodextrin has no effect at all. I am confused

And coke diet, it is sweetened with aspartame so it is ok. But there is Coke Zero also, And I don't what the difference is.

Light me up


it's chemically altered to be 100x sweeter, so you're fine


The maltodextrin in packets of Splenda is filler. Pure sucralose does not take up enough volume, for given amount of sweetness, for pouring from packets or measuring with a spoon.


just keep in mind that a packet of splenda is really about a gram of carbs if you're counting.


You made a whole thread about Diet Coke vs. Coke Zero. You must be slow.

Do some damn research and apply that to what you read in the responses.

Or stick your head back in the sand and hope for the best.


Wow I tough the coke thread has died with no response...I didnt receive any messages on my email.
My diet coke thread has 60 replies. Thank you for the info


The maltodextrin is used in the powdered version, to help with pourability (I think it helps prevent clumping, but I'm not sure). The maltodextrin does add a few carbs.

Liquid Splenda has no maltodextrin, and so it has no carbs.