Has anyone ever used this organic herb called Spirulina? Is it effective than whey protein or its just another organic mambo jumbo?

Supposedly a rich source of vitamins and complete protein - Sounds like something Pee Wee would buy - I don’t trust it (nor most of the life extension crap), anything that Prevention magazine endorses is off my list.

Ace- Mambo Jumbo? To me, if anything sounds too good to be true then most likely it isn’t. Nonetheless I use Spirulina. Not the pure stuff but as a protein powdered source from a company that is famous for this powder. I use it for a base supply of vit/min as well as protein but mostly because I’m addicted to it (the shakes are equivilent to Carval IMO). If, as people have been saying about the nasty taste of the new post-workout formula let me tell you I guarantee that if you use “pure spirulina” you’ll never reach your mouth once it gets past your nose (void pills).

Basically spirulina is a (natural state) microalgae plankton vegetable food (phyto-plankton). Geographical places of origin are Mexico and Africa. In Africa Pink Flamingo feed exclusively on spirulina. What’s interesting is these birds aren’t born pink. In fact they’re born white and it isn’t until they feed from spirulina that they will turn pink.

Now spirulina can be artificially grown and packaged here in US. The chemical analysis of spirulina is extremely too long to print here. I do think it’s an excellent source of all the aminos vit/min and tons more but in all lab tests and it’s constituent aminos there will be differences with each test and each sample, especially because spirulina is a natural product varying in pigments, proteins and carbs with the seasons and local conditions. Spirulina can be made to turn it’s 71% proteins into 70% polysaccharides by nitrogen starvation and pH change. Each sample will test a little different depending on it’s source, strain type, nutrients and environment.