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Anyone know if this “superfood” is worthwhile? Its supposed to be filled with vitamins and nutrients all that, but what exactly is it, and where does it come from. I happened to look it up in the encyclopedia and it mentioned all the normal vitamin stuff, but then it also mentioned its use for weight loss.

All I know is when I tried it in drink form it tasted terrible. It also fermented in my fridge. Maybe I should have tried it that way, could have tasted better.

It’s seaweed, and it’s expensive. It’s good for you, but your money might be better spent on other things if budget is tight. If you decide to try it in powder form, you can add some to V-8 and it tastes ok.

im not sure about any weight loss benifits from it,but i do know that it is made from blue/green algea(sp.?) anyway seemed to be a super product of the mid-90’s…

African Cichlids like it.