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spirulina and electric muscle toners

What do the “big boys” think of spirulina and those electric muscle toners (usually for the abs)?

You want to use your money doing an activity that will pretty much give you the same results as those electronic pads? flush the cash down the toliet. Or you could buy them and have some fun daring your friends to shock their nuts with the em’ like on Jackass.

Yep a waste of money as far as actual training is concerned. However: I tore my ACL a while back and as far as training there was no hope in hell, I was totally out of the game. These gadgets that work by stimulating the muscles into contracting, without having to move the leg or place any weight baring stress on the injury. It was for me such a ‘Bloody Godsend’. It helped greatly with the rehabilitation of my leg/knee until I could actually use it again.