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Spiritual food

Does anyone here focus on their food when eating it? Either for the taste, love and creativity it might have been prepared with, wholesomeness, or spirit if you’re of Ayurveda or other New Age view? Is there something we T-Men miss in our food when eating mainly or only for body comp and strength? If there is something we miss, is that part of the whole path or worldview we accept? Any thoughts or opinions on this topic but not in response to one of those?

I focus on the stuff I killed myself. I don’t know why I do that because somebody had to kill the beef, chicken, turkey, and fish I eat too. It’s just more personal when you’re the one spilling the blood I guess.

yes in fact i focus on my food all the time. however my methods sometimes tend to be a little unorthodox. i find that the best way to become “one” with your food is to devote your complete undivided attention to your meal as it leaves your body. to me it is symbolic of allowing the bad energy to leave your “temple” or body. with a little practice you to can perfect this technique. pm me if you are interested in the details.

It’s nice to think about the food you eat. However, it almost sounds like you mean to worship the food. I worship the creator but not the created!

I heard that Leon Kass wrote a very interesting book on this topic.

My friend converted to Orthodox Judaism and is currently studying at a Chassidic Yashiva in Brooklyn. I was talking to him LD. He was on his cell phone, walking on the sidewalk and he bought an ice cream and started eating it and then suddenly he told me that he was having this conflict because he said it was customary (I didn’t get whether it was actually a rule) not to eat while walking because that evokes the behavior of an animal.

It got me thinking about all the times I felt rushed, stressed and even agressive, stuffing nutrition down on route somewhere in my efforts to follow a multiple feeding plan. I tend to be more self-conscious and more wary of other people, like a hardwired response of protecting my portion of the kill.