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Spirit Animal


Just kidding.

But in all seriousness, why do you prefer to keep a certain type of pet? What is it about the species, or family of animal that works for you?


I personally prefer parrots over every other type of pet, as I find I have complete empathy for their situational reactions. If happy, they talk a lot, and sometimes need to scream. Their idea of a good time is tearing shit apart and coming up with games like "Throw ball on floor and wait for owner to get it while calling 'come here' ".

They develop instantaneous crushes during which they have no idea who their previous crush was, but when they get tired they always want to go back to the same person. Biting is sometimes a really fun game. When they get horny they will first try to have sex with their favorite living thing and when that doesn't work, experiment with every toy in sight.

Lastly, these animals are smart enough to hold a grudge when appropriate. My little bird is in love with my boyfriend, and acts happy for about 5 minutes when he comes back. Then he starts looking for an opportunity to lace his ear open for leaving him. Once this is accomplished, it's back to the loving.


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Come at me hippbro!


Because they'll tree a coon or a bear. They'll unbed deer and take down a hog. And, they never quit. Plus I usually train mine to bring me drinks.




I saw something on Nat Geo, and they showed how brutal hippos are. They are VICIOUS as hell.


Siberian tiger, up to 900 lbs and over 10 feet in length.


I think they're responsible for the most deaths in Africa......


Most all animals on Earth have something to hold their head (if they have a head) tall about.

I have dogs.


I saw a video where a hippo actually chased a boat full of people. The huge bastard actually went after the boat, and the commentator said that they could literally bite a human in half. Don't know how true that is but I believe it.


I've always loved cats.

My one cat is the cutest most loving little fuzzball in the world until you let her outside. Then she turns into apex predator/dog trainer extraordinaire. She slinks up the tree line into the field and returns minutes later with a rabbit. She holds the rabbit until the dog comes outside, then plops it down for the doggy to have a nice bunny snack.

In return for her kindness, she is the only one of my cats that the dog lets cuddle up with her at night when they sleep.


I've only had one kitten that I liked and that one could scare off my basset hound and lab.


If I could have any animal on earth, it would be a penguin. Since that isn't feasible (YET!) I'm a dog guy. Any animal can be a dick if raised wrong, but in general: cats always strike me as neutral at best. They come and go an show perhaps a passing curiosity in you, but in the end they are looking out for numero uno. Most of the cats I know would trade their owners' lives for a ball of string. Dogs on the other hand are, at their best, truly benign, loving, even altruistic.

Haven't spent enough time around birds to judge one way or another.


Mine would be a velociraptor.


I feel a real connection to the honey badger.

Small, but I dare any one of you to mess with it.


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I'd really enjoy owning a white tiger.


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Pets must take on the traits of their owner, either that or owners are attracted to them because of affinity to the pet's traits.