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Spirit Air - OMFG


Just spent 37 fucking minutes on the phone setting up a flight. I'm at their site for 30 minutes typing in the names and fucking birthdates for 7 people, THEN the page comes up where they charge you $20 for each fucking carry-on and $20 for each suitcase one way.

THEN - THEN - just when I think I've got a price - you select your seats - FOR A FUCKING FEE! FROM $10 TO $18 you have to select your seat!

So I called and asked - will I be charged to use the toilet? Charge for the air? Charge for the light to read? So then we started from scratch on the phone.

So after all the bullshit charges and stupid fucking taxes a ticket for $518 comes out to $618.

Fuck this.


Fly Southwest.


southwest ftmfw


I'm thinking of flying to China this summer. Who do you guys recommend for international flights?


I'm flying to China on Monday with American Airlines. I'll let you know how they were when I return.


I appreciate that, but after flying Mil Air so much I can now fly in just about any condition. I'm just looking for cheap.


Personally, I would recommend a non-domestic carrier. I've made trips to Asia a few times recently.


We got our round-trip AA flight for just under $700 Denver to Beijing. Domestic flights inside China were very cheap. Beijing to Xi'an, 2 hr flight one way, for $40 each which included a meal and a beer.


southwest is having maintenance issues recently... there were cracks found in the plane... im not knocking southwest just telling you current events...


oh and i've flown spirit talk about cut rate flying... but i guess u get what u pay for... luckily i flew spirit right before they implemented the carry on bag fee...