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Spiral Fracture in Upper Arm


I am a new guy, having lurked on the site for a while and thought I might give it a shot, posting about this problem i've been having. So please go easy on me!

I attended a Jiu-Jitsu tournament three years ago, where I fought a very good wrestler. I was so nervous fighting him that the adrenaline blocked my sense of pain, and suddenly I was laying on the floor with ears ringing.

I had suffered a spiral fracture. It's when the bone breaks in arch around the bone, almost like a spiral. It was in my upper left arm. I was trying to push the wrestler away, as he got himself to a scarfhold position and then sat on my arm, controlling me. As he tried to control the arm, his body weight put to much pressure on the bone and it made a massive snap that ringed on the mats.

I had surgery. a 9-10 inch area in my triceps was opened, and a metal plate was inserted. Then then allowed me to go home on antibiotics. Almost three years later though.. I still havent gotten the strength back.

Or that's not true. I have full mobility. I can use the arm, but as soon as I try to do any rehabilitation for a longer amount of time, or do something that involves like.. opening a door with my left arm, it will go into positions where it hurts.

I've asked doctors. I got an MRI scan and it said my bone is fully healed. removing the metal plate apparantly has no bearing. Apparently they cut through nerves when they opened me up and that is what is causing me pain.

But a physio therapist I talked to, said some of the pain might also be in my head. A sort of over sensitivity making it be more uncomfortable than I thought.

I just don't know how to train it. 2,5-3 years is a long time to go around with a half-bad arm. It's working but it's holding me back. I can use it for chip ups. pulling works fine. I can pull people towards in martial arts.. But every time I try to push, it hurts.

Does anyone have suggestion? Do you think that rubber bands might help? I feel i've tried many things.

To be fair though, if I rest my arm for 2-3 weeks it feels strong. but then it quickly looses it's puff and becomes over sensitive and starts to hurt when I use it. not super much, but uncomfortable much. enough to that it hurts a bit if I punch the air with it(shadow boxing) or try to hold a jacket with a straightened arm.